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A Laminotomy is a surgical treatment where a small portion of the lamina is removed from the vertebral body so decompression may be achieved. A Laminotomy is often performed in conjunction with different decompressive procedures like Foraminotomy and Discectomy.

With a Laminotomy Procedure, the goal is to achieve the most decompression with as very little surgery as possible. Some spinal conditions result in the lamina striking upon the exiting nerve roots of the foramen or the spinal cord itself. Once this happens, symptoms arise and they will present in a variety of ways such as; burning sensations, numbness, and tingling, weakness, atrophy, shooting or stabbing pain.

A Laminotomy is a surgical treatment and intrinsically must always be thought-about as a final resort. Patients should be encouraged to exhaust all measures of conservative treatment before surgery should be thought about. If symptoms persist or worsen throughout the course of conservative treatment, a laminotomy may be considered in conjunction with different procedures.

Laminotomy is a minimally invasive procedure that serves the purpose to help patients avoid a lot of typical open back types of procedures. If you’ve got exhausted conservative care and are in need of relief – Please discuss it with us so we are able to talk about options which will grant you relief.

What to expect in surgery:
Most laminotomy procedures are performed through outpatient minimally invasive approaches that we with provide at Laser Spine Orlando. Once the patient reaches the facility for a Laminotomy Procedure there’s usually a brief amount of your time spent in the immediate pre-op unit. A Laminotomy with associated decompressive procedures can usually take 60-90 minutes in the hospital room. Following surgery patients can usually spend a brief amount of your time within the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). Patients are then discharged and can leave the facility for the day.

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Laser Spine Orlando encompasses the absolute best board certified physicians that have dedicated their lives to eliminating neck pain and back pain.

Our minimally invasive procedures are highly focused and designed specifically for each patient. Every procedure is done outpatient, which means the patient can go home the same day. At Laser Spine Orlando, your relief is our mission. Every member of our team, from your patient advocate to your surgeon, will have that mission in mind.

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Laser Spine Orlando believes in a comprehensive approach to spine pain care. Each patient is treated as an individual with personalized treatment and therapy to achieve their personal goals.

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To put it simply…a lot. Our surgeons have performed over 15,000 successful spine procedures. Each one is board certified and extremely skilled in fighting neck and back pain. We are the leaders in Laser Spine Surgery.

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The best choice for patients suffering from neck and back pain. This form of minimally invasive surgery provides an alternative to regular surgical procedures when other treatment methods have not produced the desired results. Laser techniques offer faster recovery times with fewer complications.

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That’s why we are here. We have a duty to the patient to do everything we can to eliminate neck and back pain. Our newest location in Orlando is equipped to handle the most complex cases. Our surgeons are highly specialized and focused on eliminating chronic pain and getting patients back to a pain free life.

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Laser Spine Orlando has helped me become pain free! Their staff is so knowledgeable and friendly, they really made me feel at home. Thank you Laser Spine Orlando for all the help!

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I submitted my information and was called immediately. I was seen by a Board Certified Neurosurgeon within 24 hours. The entire staff is fantastic!

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