Dr. Vincent Popa

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Dr. Popa was born in Romania. He knew early on that he enjoyed helping others. When the time came to choose his path, he decided to pursue medicine. He received his medical education at the prestigious University of Medicine Carol Davila in Bucharest. Upon graduation, he started his residency and internships at the University of Arkansas with rotations in emergency medicine, internal medicine, plastic surgery and more. He finished his time in Arkansas at the University of Arkansas’s Children’s Hospital as an Anesthesiology resident (CA-1 and CA-2). He completed his residency (CA-2 and CA-3)at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation, which is home to one of the best anesthesiology programs in the United States. There, Dr. Popa also trained in unique cases of neurosurgery, vascular, renal, OB-GYN, pediatrics and laparoscopic procedures.

After graduation, Dr. Popa gained experience and expertise having worked in a variety of hospitals and medical centers. Dr. Popa has been in private practice since 2003 and in 2011 opened his own private practice. He currently serves his patients in both New Jersey and Florida. In his free time Dr. Popa enjoys planning trips and making memories with his family.

Specialties Include

Cervical Facet Steroid Injections


Cervical Medial Branch Nerve Diagnostic Block


Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation of the Medial Branch Nerves


Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection


Thoracic Facet Steroid Injections


Thoracic Medial Branch Nerve Diagnostic Block


Lumbar Endoscopic Rhizotomy


Sacroiliac Joints Steroid Injections


Thoracic Radio-Frequency Ablation of the Medial Branch Berves


Lumbar Facet Steroid Injections


Lumbar Medial Branch Nerve Diagnostic Block


Lumbar Radio-Frequency Ablation of the Medial Branch Nerves


Lateral Sacral Branches Diagnostic Block


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